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The 10 Sessions

Set forth on an exciting journey of re-discovering the Real YOU!

Below is a detailed explanation of what you will gain in each of The Container’s 10 Sessions. Click on each to learn more.

Who is The REAL YOU? It’s the bright, vibrant person you came into the world as. You had no sense of self doubt. Not even a hint of insecurity. When you wanted something you had no problem letting everyone know about it. You were delighted by every aspect of YOU. This was your True Self and that person still exists deep within.

In Session 1 we reach back in time and reconnect with the unstoppable YOU. We get open, honest and vulnerable. We set a new standard for showing up in the world in all of your truth without the self judgment. You step boldly into the freedom of existing as the REAL YOU!

Session 1 Learning Objectives:

  1. Making authenticity work for you.
  2. Using vulnerability as power.
  3. Creating deeper relationships in life, love and work.
Why do we set goals that we regret later or don’t really plan to keep? Why do we struggle with holding other people accountable to their word?

In Session 2 we set a new standard for commitments. We learn to create goals we are certain to keep. In holding ourselves accountable to the group we also learn how hold others accountable as well. In strengthening our word, we create more trust of the people we depend on and we show up more powerfully in our world.

Session 2 Learning Objectives:

  1. Setting unbreakable goals.
  2. The ease of holding others accountable.
  3. Showing up powerfully in our commitments.
We all hate being judged. Yet, we are judged constantly every day, either silently or directly. Those judgments often leave us feeling frustrated and depleted.

What if there was a shield that could deflect people’s judgments away from you? Behind that shield, you would remain calm and focused regardless of how people came at you. In Session 3 we teach you The Shield. With it, you gain mastery over how you react to others. It is an immensely powerful tool that can be used in every aspect of your life.

Session 3 Learning Objectives:

  1. Breaking the code of other’s judgments.
  2. Creating and implementing The Shield.
  3. Standing powerfully against adversity.

The difference between speaking and being heard is all about how you show up. Being effective in your communication allows you to make an immediate impact on all the people in your life.

Great communicators like Dr. Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Richard Branson and many others learned the tools of bold and direct communication. They knew how to make people want to hear them and because of that, their words opened minds.

In Session 4 we teach the tools of bold and direct communication. You will also learn key listening skills that will draw people deeper into your conversations. You will have clearer, more connected dialogues that foster better relationships and closer connections.

Session 4 Learning Objectives:

  1. Making an impact with powerful communication.
  2. Listening skills that draw people to you.
  3. Speaking your truth without confrontation.

Most of us avoid confrontation at all costs. Even when we have to do it, we try to limit its damage. Confrontation is often painful and can destroy relationships. Yet, the silver lining of confrontation is that it can create massive change. It allows us to show up powerfully in the world.

In Session 5 we turn confrontations into opportunities. You will learn how to diagnose, deconstruct and disarm them. Using your authentic voice you will turn confrontation into connection.

You will also see how every confrontation can offer you a unique insight into yourself! In recognizing how we create confrontations, we instantly gain the ability to resolve them.

Session 5 Learning Objectives:

  1. Diagnosing and disarming confrontations.
  2. Speaking your authentic truth boldly.
  3. The Mirror- what confrontations teach us about ourselves.

Our number one block in truly living life unlimited is fear. Image what you could accomplish if you had mastery over your fears. But have you ever considered what is fear actually made of? It’s really just scary stories we tell ourselves. Funny how rarely those stories come true and yet we stay very attached to them.

Session 6 is a deep dive into examining our fears. We look at the beliefs of our fears, how we recreate them and the stories we use to perpetuate them. In Breaking the Fear Barrier we develop a whole new relationships with fear. We make fear a companion on our journey rather than an adversary to be defeated.

Session 6 Learning Objectives:

  1. Stepping through the fear barrier.
  2. Turning fear into rocket fuel.
  3. Building a healthy relationship with fear.
Being influential in life is key to making an impact in the world and achieving your goals.

When you were young, you were very influential. But then were taught to behave. You were taught to to repress your wants. If you didn’t, you were called “bad.” You learned that being bold and influential often lead to feelings of being rejected. In this, your bright, vibrant self all but went away.

In Session 7 we turn the dial back up on our vibrancy. We learn tools of influence and how to use them in positive ways. In this renewed state of exuberance, we step into our TRUE selves more powerfully.

Session 7 Learning Objectives:

  1. Tools of positive influence.
  2. Expressing our wants vibrantly.
  3. Removing internal barriers to achieving our wants.
Most people are controlled by their own shame and guilt without even realizing it. It’s a prison cell we construct for ourselves.

We have all acted inappropriately at some point in life. When we think of those missteps, we tend to cringe with guilt and treat ourselves harshly. We trap ourselves in shame with no chance for redemption.

Shame and guilt are the most toxic of feelings and must be healed for us to live healthy, conscious lives. In Session 8 we do just that. In shining a light on our shame and guilt we expose its fraud. We learn to heal those feelings instead of being controlled by them. We become free, seeing ourselves as the compassionate beings we truly are.

Session 8 Learning Objectives:

  1. Revisit our mistakes for the purpose of healing.
  2. Recognizing our past missteps in their true context.
  3. Releasing the judgment, guilt and shame to become free.
All that you have learned along your journey in The Container has prepared you for this most powerful session!

It is our promise that we will show you how to experience life unlimited and Session 9 is exactly where it happens. The new “You-niverse” is a place where you recreate your world exactly as you want it. Your limiting beliefs get abolished and no longer hold you back. The thoughts and judgments of others no longer affect your view of yourself. You arrive and the ultimate jumping off point for what is next in life and love.

Sound impossible? We have seen it happen again and again. People living life in a whole new freedom. So will you!

Session 9 Learning Objectives:

  1. Eliminate final barriers of limiting beliefs.
  2. Set new goals for massive achievement.
  3. Create a vision and a mission for living life unlimited.

In Session 10 is a celebration of your achievements. Your team reviews their time together in The Container. We acknowledge and honor the courage and accomplishments of each Container participant.

One of the aspects of this program that makes it truly revolutionary is we teach you how to run and facilitate your own Container. Your group can continue on indefinitely…for FREE!

In Session 10 we provide you with all the materials you need to keep your group going. We set intentions for continuing your journey down the golden road ahead!

Session 10 Learning Objectives:

  1. Create commitments for continuing this journey.
  2. Acknowledgements to each team member for their accomplishments.
  3. Present Certificates of Completion to all team members.

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