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The Container

Take off on the adventure your life was meant to be!

What The Container is…and what it isn’t.

The term Container refers to the energetic space we create in each session. Within this space, you will feel safe and encouraged to go on a deep exploration of the true nature of yourself as you never have before. Participants often say this supportive environment is unlike anything they have ever experienced.

While The Container isn’t is a therapy group. While we touch on emotional issues, our core emphasis is on the personal responsibility for moving one’s life forward.

Because we carefully screen each applicant, you will find your fellow participants to be intelligent, positive and excited to take on new challenges

. We tend to attract supportive, highly motivated people.

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Discover what The Container is…and what is isn’t.

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Why The Container Works.

Container FAQs

You came into the world as a vibrant and joyful being, without even a hint of discouragement or self doubt. This is your True Self.

The struggles you face today can be traced back to a time earlier in life. Something caused you to form negative belief systems about yourself. These are the wounds of your past that turned down your vibrancy.

We don’t focus on the wounds. Instead, we dismantle the beliefs that hold you captive. We re-engage your True Self. You return to a vibrant, joyful being again. In this new state of mind with the rent a party bus, you find most of your life-long struggles will begin to dissolve and often disappear completely.

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Why 10 Sessions and Not a Weekend?

Did you ever stay up cramming for a college exam? Whatever you learned was gone an hour after the test. Our brains can’t code crammed knowledge into long-term memory. The same is true of weekend programs.

On average, 72% of what’s leaned in a 3-day workshop is forgotten within two days. They simply can’t offer long term results.

Humans learn best through Repetition and Interaction. That’s exactly how The Container was designed, check nonton film streaming pornvj.com.

  • Repetition: We use 10 sessions to gradually introduce new ideas into your psyche.
  • Interaction: Working with your facilitator and other participants, you anchor these new concepts into your life.

Graduates of The Container achieve long-lasting and often permanent results from their program. Click the button to discover what’s taught in each of our 10 session.

The 10 Sessions

Ongoing Support Free for Life

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Most workshops are in the business of trying to sell you more workshops. Instead, The Container offers something truly unique. You can get ongoing support…for FREE…for LIFE!

Throughout your 10 weeks, part of your training will be to facilitate your group. Once your sessions complete, we will provide you materials to continue with your group at NO additional charge. We are the ONLY program that gives away its secret sauce!

No up-sell…just a 100% commitment to your conscious development and growth.

About Dan Gordon: Creator of The Container.

For over 30 years Dan Gordon has been designing and leading transformational workshops. Dan has always felt that life holds amazing possibilities. It is a fascinating puzzle, always waiting to be unlock.

Dan first began unlocking that puzzle 1987 by enrolling in his first developmental seminar. The experience was so profound he quickly enrolled to become an instructor for the program.

Surviving that training program’s rigorous 70% failure rate, Dan became a certified instructor, teaching workshops across the country for 100s of participants. Dan also co-created a program called The Essential Man Workshop for The ManKind Project, an international men’s organization.


In his years as a business man, marketer, professional facilitator and executive coach, Dan has amassed a great deal of knowledge and skill in the area of enhancing human behavior and thought patterns.

Currently, Dan travels the country as a keynote speaker, as well as continuing to facilitate high net worth clients. He also volunteers in a variety of organizations devoted to growth, development and personal exploration.

Using all his combined experiences and years of training, Dan has developed The Container; his masterwork. His vision is to help all people step boldly into the challenges that produce breakthrough transformations. Therefore they can live life as their greatest selves, truly experiencing life unlimited!


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